Sensory Gym – Ready, Set, Go!!

Austin SPD Alliance is ready to start building and stocking Sensational Play.

Sensational Play will be a sensory friendly gym for families living with sensory processing disorders.

Imagine a place where your kids can be kids! Sensational Play will create a welcoming atmosphere to play, learn and participate in social skills classes.

With family in mind, Sensational Play will be built for a multitude of uses.

  • Social Skills Classes
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Reading Group
  • Educational Classes
  • Occupational Therapy

In the coming months, Austin SPD Alliance will begin compiling sensory friendly toys and equipment to stock the gym. We will be doing this through fundraisers, grants, direct mail campaigns, and individual donations.

To date, Austin SPD Alliance leadership has conducted:

  • Fact-finding missions relating to similar gyms across the country.
  • Property searches to build Sensational Play.

How can you help?

1. Donate Online or mail your donation to:

Austin SPD Alliance
c/o Sensational Play
P.O. Box 9752
Austin, Texas 78766

2. Join our Sensational Play committee. Contact us for details.

3. Host a Fundraiser. Contact us for details.


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